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5 Reasons You Should LOVE Black Coffee!

10/50/21 / by Velo Coffee Roaster

Ditch the milk and sugar, enjoy coffee for what it is!

When you say you like coffee, do you like coffee with sugar, milk, and flavoured syrups? OR do you like the taste of black coffee, when you can really get a sense of the different flavour notes in the coffee itself? We praise coffee here at Velo for all that it is in its natural, tasty glory! If you need a little convincing as to why, we are here!Velo Coffee Tandem Blend

Go brew a cup of your favourite Velo coffee, but, before you add anything to it, read along first! 

Life could be a bit healthier for our fellow black coffee drinkers! Depending on how much sugary coffee you drink, you may be able to remove a significant amount of sugar from your diet! This could lead to more consistent and higher energy levels! Your teeth can also benefit from this as sugar can lead to cavities – keep your teeth nice and shiny!

Black coffee drinkers can save some money as well from dental expenses to their daily trip to the local coffee shop! We all know the downside of sipping on sugary beverages all day… Cavities, cavities, and more cavities! (Self-explanatory, right?) Moving on to your daily trip to coffee shops! Did you know sugary espresso-based drinks (latte, cappuccino, etc.) are often the most expensive drinks? French Press, pour over coffee, and Americanos are far less costly! Velo Coffee Roasters has a variety of French Press and pour over brewing equipment for you!French Press Brew Guide

Ordering black coffee at a restaurant or café is certainly more convenient, and your coffee won’t be ruined if the sugar is forgotten, and the milk is empty! Now that we are able to more freely go and visit friends and family, it will be much easier to accommodate your coffee preferences without having to worry about if you take sugar in your coffee, and if you take milk or some other dairy alternative! 

De'Longhi CollectionYou may find your life becomes a bit more interesting when you drink black coffee! It’s quite difficult to identify the differences between types of coffee when milk and sugar are thrown into the mix! Coffees can taste totally different from one another depending on the country of origin! An Ethiopia coffee will taste much different than a coffee from Peru! Roasting levels will also change the flavour of coffee: light, medium, and dark roast will each bring a new experience to the coffee drinker!

Spice up your life a bit, add some variety! Once you are more accustomed to drinking black coffee, you’ll realise that there are several ways you could brew your coffee! Different brew methods bring out different characteristics of the coffee such as taste and intensity. The same coffee will taste different in a French Press versus an AeroPress or a pour over!

There you have it!

Get the most out of your coffee with minimum ingredients: hot water, and coffee! You will certainly have a new appreciation for the flavours and varieties of coffee- (once you can taste them!)


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Written by Velo Coffee Roaster

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